Dani, Nick, Davey & Bill were the four heartbeats that made up The Palpitations.  They're enigmatic style has been described as 'evocative and powerful'  and 'direct, absorbing and irreducible'.  Time Out described the band as being an 'epic cross between My Bloody Valentine and The Wedding Present'  whilst Chris Martin (NME Radio) refereed to the band as 'a cross between Siouxie Sioux and Arcade Fire'.


The Palpitations quickly found a second home in the venues of London, from the glamour of Madam Jo Jos to the uber cool of Rough Trade, their sound became well established & loved throughout the Indie circuit where they formed a large following of keen revellers.  


The Palpitations disbanded in 2011 but the four heart beats carry on as good friends. 



Tears in the Rain

Released on Pushing Pussy Records on October 1st 2009 "Tears in the Rain" was The Palpitations debut single.  Released as a limited edit 7" which has long sold out it is still available globally in the iTunes music store.

"That was the fantastic Palpitations from Pushing Pussy Records with 'Tears in The Rain'.  They have just released a 300 Limited Edition 7" Vinyl, I've bought mine, number 176 so you better hurry & grab your copy, great stuff!"  Andrew Weatherall, BBC 6 Music

"Lost in haunting tones, you are almost paralyzed throughout the whole performance. You're speechless at what's unfolding in front of you, just trying to understand that you are witnessing poetry of sound in the making!" Broccoli Music Live


Milk It

Milk It, The Palpitations second single was released in February 2011 by Club.The.Mammoth.  It was also released as a limited edition 7" record but is still available on iTunes.

"The Palpitations produce a wall of sound that is evocative and powerful, music that snares and circles your brain like a wild animal hunting its prey...It’s direct, absorbing and irreducible"  Breaking Waves

"Milk It does just that, grab your attention, a ferocious and aggressive number of crunching bass-line and crashing drums, the tempo starts fast and gets faster, it literally doesn't let you go until it's finished"  Just Music


Tears in the Rain

Many thanks to Indie Paul & crew


Milk It

Many thanks to Indie Paul & crew